Vracenky (r. Jan Schmidt, 1990)/ Lenin, the Lord and Mother (dir. Jan Schmidt, 1990)


  • According to what you see in the clip, what reactions and opinions does each of the actors have about the show trials?
  • What can you tell about how the ongoing trial is discussed in different environments? Do similar cleavages work in contemporary societies as well?


Did people readily accept the propaganda about the trial from official sources? The second clip from feature film Lenin, the Lord and Mother, released in 1990, shows the whole range of attitudes towards the “Trial of anti-state conspiracy centred around Rudolf Slánský” (See Looking for traitors) in 1952. Cautious silence reigned in public, but in private, people revealed opinions in which they grappled with the submitted propaganda. The parents of the main character, Petr, are divided. While the stepfather disagrees with the official interpretation, the mother is doubtful.