Further Resources

Want to go deeper into the topic on your own? Here’s a list of films used and literature that you might find interesting. Through these, you can come closer to the reality of what life was like during communism.


Films used:

  • A Character in Need of Support [Postava k podpírání] [Film]. Directed by Pavel JURÁČEK. Czechoslovakia: Československý státní film, 1963.
  • A Piece of Heaven [Kousek nebe] [Film]. Directed by Petr NIKOLAEV. Czech Republic: Ateliéry Bonton Zlín – Česká televize – LUXOR, 2004.
  • All My Compatriots [Všichni dobří rodáci] [Film]. Directed by Vojtěch JASNÝ. Czechoslovakia: Filmové studio Barrandov, 1969.
  • August 68 [Srpen 68] [Documentary]. Directed by Jan SVOBODA. Czech Republic: Česká televize, 2003.
  • Country Gone Wild [Zdivočelá země] [TV Series]. Directed by Hynek BOČAN. Based on the Book by Jiří STRÁNSKÝ. Czech Republic: Česká televize, 1997-2012.
  • Elective Affinities [Spřízněni volbou] [Documentary]. Directed by Karel VACHEK. Czechoslovakia: Krátký film, 1968.
  • Head Made of Paper [Papierové hlavy] [Documentary]. Directed by Dušan HANÁK. Slovakia: Marian Urban, Philippe Avril, Maya Simon, 1995.
  • Here Comes May Again [A opět přišel máj] [Documentary]. Czechoslovakia: 1971.
  • Hot Porridge [Horká kaše] [Film]. Directed by Radovan URBAN. Based on the Book by Miloš CAJTHAML. Czechoslovakia: Filmové studio Barrandov, 1989.
  • Human rights in Czechoslovakia [Lidská práva v ČSSR] [Documentary]. Czechoslovakia: Krátký film, 1987.
  • Identity Card [Občanský průkaz] [Film]. Directed by Ondřej TROJAN. Based on the book by Petr ŠABACH. Czech Republic: Ondřej Trojan, 2010.
  • Lenin, the Lord and Mother [Vracenky] [Film]. Directed by Jan SCHMIDT. Czechoslovakia: Filmové studio Barrandov, 1990.
  • Return to Extraordinary Years [Návrat do neobyčejných let] [Documentary]. Directed by Karel HYNIE and Pavel TAUSSIG. Czech Republic: Česká televize, 2004.
  • The Blissful Years of Lousy Living [Báječná léta pod psa] [Film]. Directed by Petr NIKOLAEV. Based on the book by Michal VIEWEGH. Czech Republic: SPACE FILMS spol. s r.o, 1997.
  • The Czech Century. Part 5. The Killing of the Comrade. [České století. Díl 5. Zabíjení soudruha] [TV Episode]. Directed by Robert SEDLÁČEK. Czech Republic: Česká televize, 2013.
  • The Czechoslovak newsreel, no 32 [Československý filmový týdeník, č. 32] [News broadcast] Czechoslovakia: Krátký film, 1968.
  • Tomorrow There Will Be… [Zítra se bude…] [Theatre recording]. Directed by Jan HŘEBEJK and Jiří NEKVASIL. Czech Republic: IN FILM, 2010.
  • Velvet Revolution [Něžná revoluce] [Documentary]. Directed by Jiří STŘECHA and Petr SLAVÍK. Czechoslovakia: Krátký film, 1989.
  • Walking Too Fast [Pouta] [Film]. Directed by Radim ŠPAČEK. Czech Republic: Bionaut Films, 2009.
  • Way Leading to Happiness. [Cesta ke štěstí] [Film]. Directed by Jiří SEQUENS. Czechoslovakia: Československý státní film, 1951.
  • World in the movies 21/ 1968 [Svět ve filmu 21/1968] [Documentary]. Czechoslovakia: Krátký film, 1968.


General books about communism and Czech history:

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Personal story

  • Fitzpatrick, Sheila. Everyday Stalinism: Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Soviet Russia in the 1930s. New York-Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.
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1950s – Show Trials

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1950s – Collectivization of Agriculture

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1968 – The Prague Spring:

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Normalisation – Everyday Life

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Normalisation – Dissidents

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1989 – Regime Collapse

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